Note: Unless otherwise specified below, our standard application for Property and Liability is the Commercial Business Application. However, if only a Liability quotation is required, the General Liability Application may be completed instead. In addition, a Products Supplement must be completed if the Applicant manufactures or distributes any products and requires Product Liability coverage.

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Description of Risk/ Description du risque sort downsort upLiability/ ResponsibilitéProperty/ BiensE&O/ E&OExcess/ ComplémentaireUmbrella/ Umbrella
Academic Testing CentersPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Accident Prevention ConsultantsPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Acoustical & Insulation ContractorsPDFPDF +PDFPDFPDF
Adult Daycare CentersPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Adult Video StoresPDFPDFPDFPDF
Air Compressor Repair ServicesPDF +PDFPDFPDFPDF
Air Conditioner DealersPDFPDFPDFPDF
Air Conditioning ContractorsPDFPDF +PDFPDFPDF
Air Conditioning Equipment ManufacturingPDF +PDFPDFPDFPDF
Alarm System Manufacturing & DistributionPDF +PDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Alteration & Remodeling ContractorsPDFPDF +PDFPDFPDF
Alternative Dispute Resolution FirmsPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Alternative Health Centers/PractitionersPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Amusements - Excl. midwayPDFPDFPDFPDF
Amusements - including Inflatables PDFPDFPDFPDF
Apartment Buildings (2 story & under)PDFPDFPDFPDF
Appliance Repair Services - SmallPDF +PDFPDFPDFPDF
Appliance Stores - HouseholdPDFPDFPDFPDF
Appliance, Radio & TV WholesalersPDFPDFPDFPDF
Arborists or Tree SurgeonsPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Architects & Landscape (office only)PDFPDFPDFPDF
Art Studios - CommercialPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
Assisted Living FacilitiesPDFPDFPDFPDFPDF
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Application Summary Supplements
Architect & Engineer Architect & Engineer Application Accountant & Bookkeeper Accounting - Bookkeeping Supplement
Broker Application Broker Application Acupuncturist Acupuncturist Supplement
Builders Risk Application Builders Risk Application Advertising Agency & Media Consultant Advertising Agency - Media Consulting Supplement
Commercial Business Application Commercial Business Application Appraiser Appraisers Supplement
Contractors Equipment Application Contractors Equipment Application Beauty Salon & Spa Beauty Salon & Spa Operators Supplement
Excess Application Excess Application Boiler & Machinery Questionnaire Boiler & Machinery Questionnaire
Firearms and Ammunition Application Firearms and Ammunition Application Chiropodist-Podiatrist Chiropodist Podiatrist Supplement.pdf
Installation Floater Installation Floater Chiropractor Chiropractor Supplement
Liability Application (General) Liability Application Claims Adjusting Claims Adjusting Supplement
Liquor License Application Liquor License Application Collection Agency/Credit Bureau Collection Agency - Credit Bureau Supplement
Logging Operations Application Logging Operations Application Daycare Questionnaire Daycare Questionnaire
Motor Truck Cargo Application Motor Truck Cargo Application Educational & Seminar Instructor Educational & Seminar Instructors Supplement
Municipality Application Municipality Application Employment Agency Employment Agency & Executive Search Supplement
Paralegal Professional Liability Application Paralegal Professional Liability Application Graphic Designer Graphic Designer Supplement
Pollution Liability Pollution Liability Home-Building Inspector Home-Building Inspector Supplement
Professional Liability Application Professional Liability Application Insurance Agent/Broker Insurance Agents & Brokers Supplement
Rented Owner Occupied or Vacant Dwelling Application Rented Owner Occuipied or Vacant Dwelling Application Interior Designer Interior Designers - Decorators Supplement
Roofing Application Roofing Application IT Consultant Information Technology Consultant Supplement
Special Event Application Special Event Application Laser Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Supplement
Transportation Application Transportation Application Life & Mutual Fund Agent Life & Mutual Fund Agents Supplement
Umbrella Application Umbrella Application Management Consultant Management Consulting Supplement
Waterworks Application Waterworks Application Mortgage Broker Mortgage Brokers Supplement
 WHIP Application WHIP Application Personal Counsellor/Social Worker/Theologist Personal Counsellors - Social Workers - Theologists Supplement
Printer Printers Supplement
Personal Lines Products Liability Supplement Products Liability Supplement
Homeowner Application Homeowner Application Property Manager Property Management - Operation Supplement
Reflexology Studio Reflexology Studio Supplement
Security Guard Service Security Guard Services Supplement
Tanning Salon Tanning Salon Supplement
Tattoo Studio Tattoo Studio Supplement
Travel Agency & Tour Operator Travel Agency - Tour Operator Supplement
Urban Planning Town & Urban Planning Supplement
WETT Inspector WETT Inspector Supplement
Welding Supplement Welding Supplement
Woodstove Questionnaire Woodstove Questionaire